Farming, Forestry and Hunt

Hunting is not only a hobby and recreational activity of the top 10,000 – it is also an expression of closeness to nature and one of the most primordial activities of humankind. To own a hunting ground or a forest is, as has become increasingly apparent over recent years, also one of the most secure investments.

No matter whether one owns fields or forests, agriculture and forestry property make a perfect long-term investment, which not only secure and add interest to the invested capital, but can also provide great pleasure of ownership. Increasing prices for wood, improved production methods and the possibility of granting a hunting tenancy to third parties guarantee a sustainable income from naturally renewable raw materials, without impairing nature.

Castle, Hall

The dream of owning a mansion – or one’s own castle – doesn’t have to be a castle in the air. Immobilienkanzlei Alexander Kurz is among Austria’s leading estate agents for mansions and castles, offering over 35 mansions in Austria, Bavaria and even France. The price range starts at just over one million Euros. Many of the mansions are offered along with parks, some even have large estates or their own hunting grounds.

For reasons of discretion, we are only able to show you a small selection of mansions on our website. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to call us. A personal talk is the easiest way for us to find out which mansion or manor house would best suit your personal requirements.

Farm house

The romantic atmosphere of a lovingly refurbished old farmhouse, especially one in a quiet location with breathtaking views, is pretty hard to top. No wonder that such property is particularly sought-after in the beautiful province of Salzburg, in Tyrol or even in the neighbouring German state of Bavaria. Unfortunately, such farmhouses are rarely offered on the market, but when they are, the lucky buyer usually finds an exceedingly attractive building or ensemble of buildings, which have often been painstakingly renovated to perfectly combine the charm of a traditional farmhouse appearance with all the modern comforts of the 21st century. If one is lucky enough to find an un-renovated farmhouse, one can, of course, perform renovations and conversions to suit one’s own taste, which will add the pleasure of self-accomplishment to the pride of ownership.

Lake housing stocks

Who doesn’t occasionally dream of spending warm summer nights, weekends or perhaps even the entire summer on one’s own section of lakeshore? Lakeside property, whether it’s a simple section of bathing ground, a small plot with a boat house or an exclusive villa with a park estate, is by no means unattainable, even though such property is relatively rarely offered on the market. Whether you’re looking for property by Lake Attersee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee or Fuschlsee or perhaps even in the Salzburg Lake District i.e. by Lake Wallersee, Obertrumersee or Mattsee; if you’re dreaming about owning lakeside property or at least a house with a lake view, then you should speak to our experts at Immobilienkanzlei Kurz and maybe we can help you to finally live your dream.

Asset estate

Investors still feel insecure about the financial markets and often strive to invest their capital in real estate, whereby the rate of income return also plays a significant role. This tendency has, of course, led to a price increase on the market. Nevertheless, we are still able to regularly offer interesting investment property, which, in addition to the security of a stable price development in real estate, also promise an excellent investment return. Town houses, apartment blocks and complexes and commercial property, such as retail parks or shopping centres are particularly sought-after.


Even if a house with garden appears to be a little too costly, one doesn’t have to do without luxury. The real estate market in Salzburg offers a wide range of apartments to meet the highest demands. Some of them are located in the historic, Old Town houses at the heart of the city, some of which have been wonderfully modernised, others in new buildings with modern designs that are close to the Old Town. Many apartments on offer in Salzburg are also located in the green belt or even further away in the Salzkammergut area or in the coveted ski resorts of Salzburg and Tyrol. No matter whether you’re looking for a penthouse or a garden apartment, town or country property – Salzburg and its leading real estate agent “Immobilienkanzlei Alexander Kurz” have the perfect offer to suit any demand.


A house or a villa in leafy surrounds is the castle in the air that many dream about. In this respect, Salzburg offers an exceptionally large selection, because a large part of the metropolitan area is actually made up of gardens and other green and park areas, which means that an address in leafy surrounds can still be an address in the city.

In practically every direction one looks, Salzburg offers oases of green in which one can really live happily. Practically every style and category is provided, ranging from simple single-family houses in quiet and sunny spots to modern villas in the top city outskirt or even city centre locations, as well as elegant urban villas, from which one can easily walk to the Festival Quarter.