History – Alexander Kurz real estate agency

Die Familie Kurz

At the age of 15, Alexander Kurz already knew that he wanted to become a real estate agent. With his father, a well-known architect, he shared his passion for modern architecture as well as the appreciation of old buildings. At the young age of only 25 he founded the real estate agency Alexander Kurz in 1976 with only one part time employee and in as small an office as 10 m². His early success was founded on his determination, people skills, intuition and above all a profound passion for his profession.

After only one year, in 1977, the company relocated to an 70m² office in the AVA-Hof. But sooner rather than later the company had outgrown also this office space and moved to a bigger space in 1980. The growth to four employees and the first edition of the now traditional real estate journal are only two of the external signs of the companies growing success. Alexander Kurz concentrated on attractive real estate properties, from the luxurious penthouse in the city to the exclusive lakeside property or Farmhouse, from upscale estates and charming mansions to chateaus and castles. The extensive portfolio of the young businessman showed its true character at an early stage, a character that it has kept until today.

By 1987 the company had outgrown it’s space in the AVA-Hof so it moved to the new location in the Wäschergasse in Nonntal, a district of Salzburg. In 1988 Alexander Kurz married his wife Heideswinth Barta and soon his two sons were born. Alexander (1989) and Clemens (1991). They built themselfes a new house in the Salzburg district of Thumegg, which would also integrate the office. The concept combining work and life under the same roof is something he is still faithful to today. The fact that he can spend a lot of time with his family despite a heavy work load is what makes this concept a success to him.

The house in Thumegg increasingly became a meeting point for interesting people. As a member of various clubs and associations, as a sponsor of cultural establishments, as a golfer, a sailing enthusiast and Rotarian, he was always able to create networks between people and fulfill the expectations and demands of his clients in and around Salzburg.

When the space in the Thumegg office also got to small, both family and office relocated to newly built house near Hellbrunner Allee in 2000. By 2005 the office space there again got to its limits and had to be expanded to give room to the steadily growing business.

In the year 2011, Alexander Kurz celebrated 35 years of doing successful business. He invited 600 friends, business partners and satisfied clients to the Karl-Böhm-Saal in the Haus für Mozart.

Immobilienkanzlei Alexander Kurz is renown in Salzburg and a synonym for attractive properties. Anyone who is looking for upscale real estate properties in Salzburg, Tyrol or Bavaria, or even a mansion or country estate anywhere in Austria, shouldn’t rely on luck alone, but hedge their bets and contact Salzburg’s leading estate agent.